To skill, train, mentor, and offer services on Integrated Environmental Management Systems

Timothy Fasheun Group Enviromentors (Pty) Ltd was established to promote ethical and effective environmental management that ensures sustainable development. We take our clients beyond compliance. Our Company reduces carbon footprints and pollution through conscious resource use (energy, water, consumables, etc) and waste minimisation. For instance, webinars and internet meetings are used to minimise travelling.

We are fully accredited by the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) conduct training in environmental management services for NQF 1 to 5. We are also registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private College.
We are committed to continual training and empowerment of our employees by involving them in management activities and ensuring they implement the prescripts of our Quality Management System (QMS).

In the field of environmental management, the definition of environmental responsibility has extended beyond ensuring compliance with the legislation. There is now a disclosure of environmental emissions and environmental performance to both government and stakeholders (local and international).

Prof Timothy Fasheun

He holds a PhD in Environmental Physics having trained in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. He is a Chartered Physicist and Fellow of the Institute of Physics in London. He is a Professional Natural Scientist of the South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP).
Timothy has lectured and researched into environmental science. Meteorology, climate change, and instrumentation at Research Institute and universities for over 20 years. He has worked with a private Consultancy in South Africa. He was Director/Senior Manager for Waste Management and latter Environmental Planning at KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs for 17 years.

Whilst in government he participated in the development of various environmental legislation, regulation, guidelines and other strategic documents. His portfolio included chemical and waste management, air quality and climate change management, environmental planning, coastal and marine pollution management, environmental impact management and sustainable livelihoods and information management. Dr Fasheun provided higher-order technical and strategic support to the Political leadership, senior management and departmental district offices.

He facilitated the establishment of a network of ambient air monitoring stations in KZN. He collaborated with municipalities, NGOs, CBOs, etc. He reviewed EIA and IDP documents. He facilitated the development of Environmental Management Tools such as EMF, SEAS, State of the Environment Report, waste and Air Quality Management Plans. He has reviewed Environmental Impact Assessment reports for landmark physical development in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Prof Fasheun facilitated the Pre-COP 17 Conference activities in Kwazulu-Natal wherein he undertook roadshows to rural areas, organised seminars in municipalities and a provincial summit.

He was a member of the National Climate Change Committee and Inter-Governmental Climate Change Committee. He was an Environmental Management Inspector Grade 1. He retired from government service in 2016.
Prof Fasheun is a registered Assessor, Moderator and facilitator with the ETDP-SETA and Assessor with LG-SETA.
He is a Member of the National Coordinating Body of the United Nation Council for Combating Desertification in South Africa. He is a Quality Control Panellist with the Moses Kotane Institute
Prof Fasheun has won numerous scholarships, and Study Fellowships to the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia, World Meteorological Organization Travel to Germany. He had participated in numerous editions of the Conference of Parties of United Nations Framework for Climate Change
He won KZN Premier Performance Team Awards, DBSA Award for best project

Cell: +27824467112
Tel: +27333471304

Dr Lulama Lorraine Nkonzo- Mtembu

Dr Lulama Lorraine Nkonzo-Mtembu started her career as a nurse educator having obtained post -registration diploma in nursing education and in nursing administration at the University of the North, and BA at UNISA. She later obtained a MA in health and PhD in social science health from the University of Natal. She has functioned as a lecturer in nursing education and nursing management at nursing college and university level.

She studied MBA at the University of Natal. She undertook various courses in environmental health, occupational health and safety She is knowledgeable in conflict and labour resolutions, and human resource management and development.

She held a senior management position in the KZN provincial department until she retired in 2013 as the Principal and Director of KZN College of nursing with its 25 campuses. She has vast knowledge spanning over 40 years of environmental health practices.

She has participated in the national curriculum development in health in South Africa both at university level, government and community level. She had championed and facilitated Various community development programmes in KZN. She monitored and evaluated various NGOs that were contracted to KZN Department of Health to ensure effective community development and eradication of illiteracy.

After her retirement from the government Service, Dr. Nkonzo-Mtembu has recently served on two national ministerial task teams investigations on human resource training and development and maintenance health practices.

She is an accredited Education Training Development Practices Sectoral Education and Training Authority ETDP-SETA and Health and Welfare Sectoral Education and Training Authority (HW-SETA) Assessor, Moderator and Facilitator.

Dr. Nkonzo is a certified Assessor, Moderator, Verifier and Facilitator in health education and management.
Cell: +27834571173

Ms Judi Alford

She graduated from the School of Environmental Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) with a B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Environmental Science, and a Master’s degree in Environment and Development, specialising in Land Information Management. Ms Judith has over 10 years of relevant experience in Environmental Management, and has been involved in undertaking a number of EIA projects associated with compiling EMPrs mainly for Eskom across South Africa. Ms Alford is a member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) and a member of the South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) registered as Cert Sci Nat 300019/14.

Mrs Funto Osameyan

Mrs Funto Osameyan graduated BSc(Hons) in Economics. She has worked as a researcher and economic analyst in private sector and governmental entities since graduating in 2010. She joined the: Timothy Fasheun Enviromentors (PTY) Ltd. In 2015. She runs the satellite office of the Company in Johannesburg. As an environmental economist she puts values to implications and management of environmental stressors, and the cost to the environment. She is into environmental auditing, carbon accounting and trading.
Tel: +27 11 025 8114


Anne Bindoff- Chemical Engineering Waste

Anne Bindoff holds BSc (Pure and Applied Chemistry), MSc (Environmental Engineering).

Experience: She has over 20 years of industrial, research and corporate experience in waste water, waste, pollution, environmental impact assessment, waste auditing, and environmental law. Anne has worked in corporate entities such as Monsanto, DOW and BPL She also served at a Senior level with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs. She is versed in landfill site management, facilitation of waste and landfill site licensing, hazardous waste management and transportation. She is a trainer in integrated environmental management systems especially waste management

She has a regulatory background which ensure s environmental compliance.

She is affiliated to the Institute of Waste Management and the Responsible Packaging Management Association of South Africa. She belongs to the Working group for SANS 10232-4 code.

Awards: Anne has won several performance awards from the KZN Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs and from the industries.

Mrs Boni Nkosi – Public Participation and Sustainable Development Expert

Bonisiwe Nkosi holds BA, BED, Diploma in HR and Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development, Part MPhil Sustainable Development with Focus on Public Participation in Environmental Assessments.

Experience: She has more than 5 years in Public Participation and Social Facilitation. She has been involved in the assessment of the Cape Town Metro and Johannesburg Metro SEA.

Awards: Bonisiwe has won annual performance awards from the KZN Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs

Patrick Addo-EIA Scientist

Patrick holds a Master of Science (MSc.) Degree in the field of Environment and Development. Mr. Addo has a total of 20 years’ in conducting Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Monitoring (Environmental Control Officer), and the preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management in South Africa. He had undertaken projects in Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania and Mali.

Weziwe Tshabalala

Weziwe Tshabalala has a qualification in Project Management, Data Collection and Socio- economic assessment. She has been involved in stakeholder engagement for the past 10 years. Her expertise includes facilitation of Public Participation, Stakeholder engagement, and Community engagement process. She has undertaken a number of land-mark projects in municipalities and private sector projects in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga province, and also with national departments.

She reads, speaks and writes in English,IsiZulu,Xhosa, and Afrikaans language economic reports

Mark Summerton – Hydrologist and GIS Expert

Mark Summerton is professionally registered as a Professional Natural Scientist with SACNASP and as a Professional GISc Practitioner with the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors. He extended his MSc degree in Hydrology with 20 years’ experience, mainly specialising in risk and vulnerability assessments to improve the management and hence reliability of water resources to various stressors, notably those relating to a changing climate. His complementary expertise is extensive ranging from configuring hydrological – climate impact assessment models to managing risk and vulnerability assessments for water resources and supply, to assisting local municipalities and private institutions develop climate change adaptation plans to engaging stakeholders and building capacity. The complex nature of this work has often involved developing, working in and leading diverse teams. Mark is well-respected in the professional community, has several refereed publications, and has consequently been invited to numerous local and international meetings to present his contemporary work on climate and water. Mark often uses this knowledge to independently review projects from assisting authors to ensure that their reports are scientifically correct and answer the client’s needs to sophisticated mid-term and end of project reviews of major development projects using prescribed donor methodologies e.g UNDP. Mark recently completed the Mid Term Review of the Sustainable Urban Resilient Water for Africa project: Developing Local Climate Solutions in 6 African cities in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa; and a review of the Early Warning System (EWS) of the Umgeni Resilience Project which focuses on improving community resilience to climate change. He is currently leading the climate change activities of a resources project in Ghana. Other relevant experience includes i) authoring the climate change impacts chapter in Umgeni Water’s Infrastructure Master Plan, ii) co-authoring the climate/water chapter of the current South African National Water Resources Strategy (2013), iii) committee member of the South African chapter of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, iv) guest lecturer in Water Planning and climate change at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and v) serving on the SACNASP Professional Advisory Committee (Water Resource Science).

Awards: Mark has won recognition awards from industries in some African countries.

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