Environmental Management System (EMS) is a synthesis of application of science, technology, ecology, policy, and socioeconomics. It primarily stresses on finding solution to practical problems occasioned by human cohabitation with nature with its associated resource exploitation, waste generation. Sustainability is the keyword. Advantages of undertaking EMS include ensuring legislative compliance, reduced environmental risk, improved public image and increased market opportunities.

Precautionary and uncertainty principle, generational equity, costs internalization and multi-sectoral integration call for the development of environmental management tools.

Environmental management tools are based on the ISO 14004 guidelines. This includes impact assessments (strategic, environmental, social, biodiversity), life-cycle analysis, environmental auditing, environmental and management performance indicators, environmental policies, eco-balances, environmental reporting, environmental management programme, environmental management plan, environmental charters and public participation.

Tim Fasheun Group is able to conduct Environmental Management System (EMS), Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and Environmental Management Programme (EMPr). Others are Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Environmental Performance Plan, etc.


Environmental surveillance has been used for decades to determine existence of virus, its spread and persistence in the communities. For instance, monitoring of wastewater and sewage can be used to assess incidence and extent of virus (e.g. Covid-19) in communities, and measure the effectiveness of interventions adopted. Surveillance also provide waste management officials the means of gauging the effectiveness of their management protocols.

Timothy Fasheun Group is able to facilitate such epidemiological surveillance of virus pandemic using wastewater and sewage systems.



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