The environment consists of a host of living and non-living things and their surroundings. They all interact and teleconnect in complex manners to coexist to evolve a balance system over time. Man, as a component of the environment has been very influential in modifying his habitat negatively. His continual existence can only be guaranteed by stabilizing his disruptive relationship by adopting sustainable resource use and lifestyles. We, thus need to change the way we live, learn and conduct business on this planet. Business can be utilized as the catalysing force behind this change by internalizing the costs of our activities. We can evolve resource conservation, pollution control, green economy, renewable energy, efficient water resources management, green technology, eco-cities, sustainable agriculture, etc.

Environmental Management involves the use of laws, protocols, conventions, guidelines amongst others to ensure the environment is managed in a sustainable manner. Compliance is required in this area. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution of South Africa strongly emphasizes the need to effectively managing the environment for the benefit of current and future generations

We offer consultancy in the following discipline areas:

  • Environmental Accounting/ Energy/Auditing/Carbon Footprints
  • Climate Change Science and Resilience
  • Green Economy/ Cleaner Production and Decarbonisation
  • Air Quality Management,
  • Biodiversity Management,
  • Coastal and Estuarine Management
  • Waste and Chemical Management,
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Mitigation
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Health and Public Health
  • Facilitation of Waste and Atmospheric Emission Licensing and Permitting, and
  • Peer Review of Environmental Management Documents

We are a Green Company that utilizes appropriate means and technology to reduce our carbon footprint.

We strive for Environmental Justice and we promote Public participation

We are mindful of the Forth Industrial Revolution and its disruption to conventional business practices. We are able to assist our clients to maximise the benefits of Industry 4.0 with regards to the Integrated Environmental Management System

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