Methodology for Distance Learning

The primary delivery mechanisms will be “computer-based training” (YouTube and Podcasts) and “web-based training” (via browsers/websites). The mode of delivery will be self-paced learning and facilitator led learning. During self-paced learning, learners are offered e-learning materials (course) which will be complemented by supplemental resources and assessments.
The course, materials and assessments will be housed on a Website of the various service providers and learners can access it from an online learning platform. The individual service providers will have to schedule, manage or track learners through a process. This process will be developed by the Project. The process will allow facilitators to easily communicate information in a central location, update material, and to use the Website as a portal for other technologies used in the delivery of the course.
E-learning content will be developed according to a set of learning objectives and delivered using different media elements, such as text, graphics, audio and video. It will provide learning support through explanations, examples, interactivity, feedback, glossaries, etc., in order to make learners self-sufficient.
E-learning content and assessments for individual study will be integrated with the facilitator’s lectures, individual assignments and collaborative activities among learners. Learners and facilitators will use communication tools such as e-mails, drop-box, discussion fora, chats, polls, application sharing and audio and video conferencing to communicate and work together.


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