Overview: The price we pay for industrialisation in modern time is exposure to high level of media pollution. South Africa, as a country, is not exempted from this. For instance, our rivers, land and air have been and are being polluted. Pollution has compromised human and environmental health and even our infrastructure. The first line of intervention is awareness creation amongst the polluters and the polluted. The aim is to promote sustainable development or green economy.

It is for this reason the Timothy Fasheun Group Enviromentors (Pty) Ltd, with footprints in KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng is running a series of Modules on Sustainable Development Practices-Chemical and Waste Management; Air Quality Management; River and Estuarine Management and Cleaner Production; Sustainable Development Suite.

The benefits of sustainable development practice include reduction of waste generation, recovery of valuable by-products, beneficiation of waste products, resource conservation, improved environmental performance, increased productivity, better efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and an overall reduction in costs.

Who should attend: Corporate bodies, Businesses, Government Employees especially from the Municipalities, Workers. Individuals, NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, etc.

Benefits to Attendees: The attendees shall have better understanding of chemical and waste management and be more conscious of safe and heathy environment. This knowledge shall improve the attendees job performance, and also stimulate acquisition of higher qualification in Environmental management.

Benefits to the Industries and sponsors: There will be more knowledgeable workforce that is conscious of its environment. There will be an improvement on job performance. There would be reduction in waste generation leading to more profits

Industries can sponsor attendance of these courses to improve on their scorecards, and as part of their social responsibilities.

Module 1: Training in Chemical and Waste Management

The training teaches concepts of sustainable water management as an integral part of integrated environmental management. During this, course participants will learn of the following topics

Legislation and regulation governing waste management in South Africa

Sources and Types of waste

Chemical management and material substitution

Waste stream characterisation

Waste Treatment and disposal

Waste management Hierarchy

Beneficiation of waste and chemicals

Material Substitution

Treatment and Disposal facilities

Entrepreneurship in Waste Management

Sustainable Development

Date: 16th – 19th Nov 2020

Duration: 2 days Venue: Durban Cost: R2 500