The German Chancellor has cried that Science should be allowed to lead during this pandemic time. Indeed, she went further to request more scientists in government. She was only reminding us of a statement credited to Aristotle that knowledge of mathematics and science is central to public governance. Which leads us into a dilemma. We need to understand the thinking processes of the two.

In our culture, we often hold politicians, corporate executives and other leaders accountable for the consistency of their positions. In political debates, candidates will often point out on the debate stage that a rival swung to the left or right over a controversial issue. It suggests a lack of authenticity, or even careerism, and indicates that they can’t be trusted to do what’s right for their constituents. On the other hand, the hallmark of the scientists is to change their minds in the face of superior argument or presentation of new information. They are not judged as inconsistent. Scientists in politics are even to be pitied,

The Public seems to be losing confidence in the science for shifting positions during this pandemic. It started with the effectiveness of wearing mask. WHO though Science said it was unnecessary but latter said it is. Then came the maximum residence time of the virus in the air from sneezing. Then the issue of subjecting a host of herbal concoctions to proper testing and verification protocols. Then the model and its wrong projection. The myths and waves and all that.

The truth is science is based on careful data collection and the use of appropriate tools to analyse the data for cautious interpretation. The development and testing of vaccines and curative drugs take time before being approved for administration on human beings. These processes are considered too long for impatient public and politicians who want quick answer now.

In February, scientists had practically little data and information of the novel virus. Even knowledge of other virus could not be used.

We need to be pity our politicians who are wanting immediate solutions to the problem. We as members of the public must understand these two groups as they try to deliver. For our side we keep safe and obey the laws and regulations